Glue-Folder Self-Mailer Machine



​ The Glue-Folder self-mailer machine folds, glues and perforates plain paper output from computer printers into First Class folded self mailers also know as snap pack mailers or direct mailers. 

When used as a spot glue system, the Glue-Folder self-mailer machine replaces tabbing and pressure seal machines as a means of sealing third-class mail to make self mailers or direct mailers.  When the gluing system is not activated it not only produces snap pack mailers, self-mailers and direct mailers, the Glue-Folder self-mailer machine can also be used as a two-plate paper folding machine or as a letter folding machine. In this mode, it folds at a greater speed.


The Glue-Folder Model 504 self-mailer machine glues and folds to 22,000 sheets per hour.  Among other features: 1) Microprocessor to program and control machine operation from one panel; 2) Double sheet and jam detectors; 3) Self contained pressurized cold glue system; 4) Completely portable- no need for house air; 5) Capable of C-Fold, V-Fold and Double Parallel folds on the standard model. In addition, a Z-Fold Option is available. The Glue-Folder self-mailer machine only requires a 220VAC receptacle, and is available in either 50Hz or 60Hz.

The Gluefolder Model 504 in Action!